VirtualBox – Closing GUI session without shutting down VM

Recently I started using Oracle VM VirtualBox for my laptop home lab. And the main issue for me was, that I couldn’t close GUI console without shutting down virtual machines (when you click on X, to close console you have only option to Save the machine state, Send the shutdown signal or Power off the machine). There is a way to handle it.

Closing GUI session without shutting down VM – VirtualBox

Since Oracle VM VirtualBox version 5.0 there is option to start virtual machine using Detachable Start. It is in a extra drop down menu on the Start button, so you need to do it on a shutdown VM. There is also shortcut for it. Hold down  SHIFT when clicking Start. It will startVM in the background, so you will have to click on icon Show, to open console. So Oracle didn’t make it too simple.

Oracle VirtualBox Detachable start

And it gets worst 🙂 Once you want to close console, you still get the same Suspend/Shutdown/Power off box without option to just close console. To close console without killing machines, you need to go to Machine -> Detach GUI.

You can download newest Oracle VM VirtualBox from here.

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